Quality German Car Repair

Welcome to Germantech Auto!
We service & repair VOLKSWAGEN,AUDI,BMW,MINI & MERCEDES vehicles.

ASE Certified Master Technician ID#OX5FUOWE9DAVIS ,with over 15 years experience repairing German cars. Offering personalized  auto repair service, at a price that cannot be beat in South Florida!

Why come to us instead of the dealer?

We are a small growing business, we operate at less overhead cost compared to the dealer,therefore more savings passed on to our customers
Our technician is Master certified,therefore you can be assured that the workmanship performed on your vehicle is of the highest quality, unlike the dealer, no trainees will be working on your car guaranteed.
We rely on word of mouth advertising for 90% of our new customers,therefore you can be assured we will go above & beyond to make you the customer happy with our work, so you can pass the good word along.

Why choose us over the “jack of all trade shops”?

1.We Specialize in repairing German cars!
2.With over 15 years combined dealer & independent experience repairing German cars,we know what it takes to fix it right the first time.
3.Owner operated business allows for flexible working hours any day of the week, making it more convenient for you.
4.With years of German car experience we know the OEM parts with the highest quality at the lowest prices,hence we provide quality repairs that last.